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What is just-a-minute?

The gift
Worldwide, more and more people are realising the benefits of short meditation breaks during the day. These breaks in our busy, often challenging, everyday lives help us experience peace and well-being, no matter what is happening around us.

At the Brahma Kumaris, a global spiritual movement and learning community, this simple practice to stop for one minute breaks for the mind is used every day, every hour. just-a-minute was created to mark the 70th Anniversary of the Brahma Kumaris as a free and simple gift to share with everyone the wonder of one minute.

30 million people around the world joined in a one minute ‘global link up’ at London’s Wembley Arena launch, in September 2006. A theatrical celebration of sound and silence, movement and stillness, the event was a contribution to the United Nations International Day of Peace.

Everyone can practise these one-minute breaks, wherever, whenever. The just-a-minute website offers easy tools and tested tips on how to get started.

  • 40+ one-minute meditations to listen to on-line or to download
  • 7 step programme – to learn how to make the most of the one-minute breaks.
  • PeacePulse – simple online alarm clock software giving you a gentle reminder on the hour every hou
  • Short video testimonials from people who recognise the value of moments of reflection in their day-to-day lives to inspire creativity and better decision making
  • An inspiring thought for the day
  • If you are interested in bringing just-a-minute into your work place, home or with your friends, contact us

“A gift for you, for me, for the world”


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