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What we think is what we share

We all know how the mood of one person can create an atmosphere that affects the whole room. When we are experiencing our goodness, we share it with those we live, work and interact with; this is logical. This also allows others to be just the way they are.

Nourishing abundance

By learning to meditate we are developing a beautiful relationship with ourselves. Having good wishes for the self in silence, we build our self love . Authenticity and kindness flow. Love for, and friendship with ourselves, brings a natural love and friendship with others – even those I may not like so much!

Natural friendship

Isn’t an easy friendship more valuable than a diamond? When there is empathy, trust and care we naturally give and with this enjoy and appreciate relationships. Taking just-a-minute we can tap into our natural generosity which brings an abundance of goodness into our lives.

Jam practice: An act of kindness

Wherever we are and whatever we’re doing, taking just-a-minute to remember the best in ourselves and see the best in those around me naturally creates an peaceful and generous atmosphere. Acceptance, mutual respect, cooperation and contentment grow and see how kindness flourishes in every area of life!

Benefits of Sharing

  • attracts easy cooperation
  • cultivates friendliness
  • nourishes the joy of giving
  • creates abundance within the self
  • initiates cycles of generosity
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