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It is not what we think it is...

Meditation is focusing our concentration and remembering deeply our eternal identity and re-awakening a wonderful state of well-being.

So who is thinking and feeling?
Our name? Our body?

It is the soul, I the soul, who is a tiny, subtle point of pure, living energy, spark like, that uses the body to express itself. We are seated in the pilot seat, behind the eyes, in the centre of the forehead – distinct from the brain. Experience the self in this way and emerge an incredible feeling of lightness.
Why do we identify with who we know? Our position at work? How much money we earn? Where we live? and so on.... because we are in a state of amnesia! We have confused the actor with the role. So who is the actor? The soul.

Our soul reality

As we shift our awareness away from such an ordinary identity, we wake up to the dignity of who we truly are. Tapping into the goodness within, we experience our life energy of peace, love, joy, and wisdom. We are what we are looking for. Our beauty lies within this eternal identity. Try these just-a-minute meditations to feel it. Practise and touch this soul reality, and see fears and sorrow melt away.

j-a-m practice: Being myself

Release the grip of the past, relationships, influences and expectations – they will always be present. Instead give energy to strengthening the relationship with the real me. How? Get going one minute at a time. Keep breaking free and allow self-trust and dignity to blossom.

Benefits of meditation

Meditation can help improve every area of our life and work. There is now a considerable body of scientific research that demonstrates the beneficial effects of meditation on both our mental and physical state.

Benefits of meditation:

  • Nourishes the innate goodness within.
  • Immunises against negative influence.
  • Emerges confidence and faith in the self
  • Allows us to appreciate and love the self
  • Energises the self
  • Enables us to regain a deep state of inner peace and well-being
  • Brings a new vision of others ...we are all souls
  • Gives a sense of connection
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