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Who hasn’t day-dreamed about a beautiful world...imagine!

Visualisation is using our thoughts creatively so our mind flourishes and our concentration deepens. When we see ourselves happy, we touch happiness within the self; this creates the experience and hence the reality. The more we explore our inner goodness, with the power of visualisation, the more we become it. Life flows with well-being and success.

Make your mind work for you

The mind generates energy in the form of thoughts. The images and thoughts we create at each moment directly influence our emotional and physical well-being. Visualise yourself eating a mango and you will experience the sweetness. So, imagine what the effect would be on our thoughts and feelings, if we learnt to emerge peaceful and benevolent images at will! Visualising scenes in which we use a positive quality, such as patience or kindness, will make that quality more easily available when we need it.

Are we distracted?

When we let people grab our attention and influence the images on the screen of our mind, we allow ourselves to be led by their thoughts and feelings. We allow others to push our buttons of negative reaction. This explains why sometimes we are unable to relax when we want to. With visualisation we can choose what images we hold in our mind - taking back the remote control! This restores our ability to focus our attention where we wish and so become the master of our mind in the moment.

j-a-m in practice - seeing ourselves content

Taking one minute breaks to see ourselves at our best and stable throughout our day, strengthens the ability we have to use our original humane values. This rekindles our self-respect and our appreciation of others, regardless of the situations and challenges we face. When we use visualisation in this way rather than for material gain, we experience happiness tapping into a richer and deeper reality.

Benefits of visualisation

  • Helps us respond to a difficult situation or problem by understanding the need, creating a solution
  • Brings positivity to life by experiencing ourselves in a way that benefits both ourselves and those around us
  • Stimulates and energises our inner strength, enthusiasm, courage, determination and decisiveness. This helps us live a life aligned with values we cherish
  • Allows us to tap into our own inner wisdom
  • Restores our innate creative capacity
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