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Thank you!

The just-a-minute team would like to say a big thank you to all who have helped to create and support this website and help spread the message of just-a-minute around the world.

Thank you to:

  • All those who freely gave their time, energy and insights to be interviewed for the wonderfully inspiring one-minute video interviews and to those who took the time to write in to share personal experiences
  • Hayley Richardson and Arthur Irving of Skylark Creative for the website design, look and feel
  • Dean Leigh of Dean Leigh Limited for Web consultancy on functionality and creative ideas
  • Sister Jayanti and Anthony Strano for the amazing one minute meditation commentaries
  • The BKWS University IT team for all their work in building and supporting the website
  • All those who freely gave their time and energy in developing the just-a-minute idea and the launch event at Wembley Arena including Trushar Barot, Andy Blisset, Debra Bourne, Tania Bryer, Lucinda Drayton, Lynne Franks, Mike George, Robin Gibb, Matthias Gruendler, Liz Hodgkinson, Neville Hodgkinson, Lee James, Margaret O'Keeffe, Jim Paymar, Clarke Peters, Anthony Phelips, Robin Ramsay, Jo Sawicki, Michael Timothy, Marneta Viegas and Anna Whyatt
  • All the students of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University who have supported the just-a-minute initiative so far

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