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Imagine having free and continual access to a powerhouse! Imagine being able to plug into and experience a pristine source of pure and benevolent energy. Imagine feeling loved, cared for and nourished fully whenever we need. Imagine a friend that never leaves you. Imagine feeling completely accepted. Imagine someone who has total faith in you. Is this possible?

The Perfect One

When we look for the perfect relationship, we are really searching for something we have lost. Each of us has deep, perhaps unconscious memories of a divine relationship with the One who is perfect. This non-physical Being has been given many names through the ages but is always remembered as radiant light.
Understanding the self as a soul, an eternal being of light, we move into ‘soul reality’. Stable in this identity we can connect with the One Soul who has never forgotten who they are nor ever lost their power...who shines brightly constantly. This is the Supreme Soul, the Supreme Source of positive energy.

Connecting soul-to-Soul

Whenever we wish, we can return to this exquisite relationship which will always enrich and empower us. Gradually as we connect and take this companionship into our everyday life, our conscience is enlivened and heart restored a little at a time.

j-a-m in practice: the eternal Relationship

Let’s not wait until we are in real trouble to remember the One who is available to us at every moment. By taking regular minutes throughout the day we can enjoy and experience the power of this relationship and what it then allows us to do and be. Become free from all that bothers us and experience the lightness of being...wellbeing.

Benefits of connecting

  • Taps into an unlimited power flow
  • Welcomes the most beautiful influence into our lives
  • Empowers ‘soul reality’
  • Comforts the heart
  • Allows us to let go of negativity easily
  • Develops trust in the eternal self, beyond the senses
  • Supports the flowering of our goodness
  • Nurtures feelings of security and safety
  • Strengthens the will power to overcome old habits
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