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Why use j-a-m?

Why just-a-minute?

It has been estimated that we each create over 50,000 thoughts every day. That’s busy! And it’s tiring – particularly when thoughts are negative and stressful. There are two main things we need to do to reclaim inner peace and well-being; change the quantity and quality of our thoughts. The question is, how?

just-a-minute allow us to reconnect with our true positive self and learn to think the thoughts we would like to think. With focus and regular practice we re-build our ‘mental muscles’ and become the master of our mind once again.

just-a-minute can help us...
  • as a natural antidote to stress
  • for easy decision making
  • restore our innate creative capacity
  • emerge confidence and faith in the self
  • regain a deep state of inner peace and well-being
  • renew our perspective
  • deepen inner stability
  • cultivate friendliness
  • tap into an unlimited power flow
  • nurture feelings of security and safety
  • strengthen the will power to overcome old habits
  • empower our ‘soul reality’

Think better       Feel better       Live better

“A new destiny starts with one thought
– a powerful thought”


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