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Welcome to j-a-m pulse, successor to the very popular PeacePulse, an on-line tool that helps you remember to take just-a-minute for yourself at regular intervals throughout your day.  This is the practice that enables just-a-minute to make a real & positive difference in life.

j-a-m pulse is controlled by the functions next to the bell symbol in the top right of the j-a-m website window.

You can switch j-a-m pulse on or off by clicking the on/off button. When set to 'on', the 'settings' can be accessed.

Please also note that you must keep the j-a-m website window open for j-a-m pulse to function.

In the 'settings' you can choose how regularly j-a-m pulse triggers by selecting an interval in the settings box.  What happens when it triggers depends on which of the following options you choose:

The 'chime' option - sounds a chime at the start of your one-minute, and again at the end.

The 'commentary with music' option - plays a randomly chosen one-minute (approx.) j-a-m commentary with music, from the 42 available on the site.

The 'commentary without music' option - is the same as above, but plays the version of the commentary without background music.

The j-a-m team would like to say a big heart-felt thank you to Gaiasoft who generously created PeacePulse to support the just-a-minute project, which helped inspire the creation of j-a-m pulse.


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